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Updated May 18, 2018

MOVE_CAST_ERROR dump when using UJBR to restore an environment

Hello SAP Experts,

While using UJBR in order to store Metadata tables the following ST22 dump is  generated:

Runtime Error: MOVE_CAST_ERROR with an Exception CX_SY_MOVE_CAST_ERROR.

The error can be re-generated by following steps:

  • First, Go to transaction UJBR
  • Now select the following options: "Restore Meta Data tables" and "Restore File Service".
  • Now please execute and check the job in SM37


  • 15 Feb 2017 5:37 pm Abhijeet Mudgal

    In order to resolve this error please apply these following SAP note:

    1. 2311421 - Removes the cache tables from Backup process in UJBR
    2. 2415328 - Remove log tables from Backup process in UJBR