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Moving Average Price Zero

Updated May 18, 2018

In production environment for some materials moving average price is becoming zero. This scenario rarely occurs when goods issue movement (601) activities performed.

anybody can help


  • 05 Sep 2008 6:26 am Guest
    as per my understanding may be reason for 0 moving average price that they are doing PGI qty at more value then PGR.

    And in some cases may be they are using PGR at 0 price due to free goods

  • 08 Sep 2008 5:52 am RAMESH
    Hi Lucky

    Thankx for ur comments.But in this case it has not happened so. anyother comments please

  • 05 Nov 2008 11:33 am Guest
    Kindly have a look into the SE16> MBEW & MBEWH table for Valuation Price for that period. Look whether MAP has been maintained or not? If MAP is not maintained it has to be maintained for the current period


  • 14 Jul 2009 1:39 pm Guest
    hi ,

    1.Let you check they have recived PGR or not.
    2.Have you mainatained Moving price in Master data.

    If problem is resolved either contact my cell number 9810458519 or give me yours number.
  • 20 Jul 2009 10:38 am sayee
    check the goods movement using MB51 transaction on how the stock reached to particular store/plant.


    might be new material as such no GR is happened


    check whether u r using MAP/STANDARD PRICE