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Off-cycle payroll

If you want to make the payments outdoor the steady payroll run same as that of one time bonuses you would have to use off-cycle payroll. The off-cycle payroll runs ought to be in the exodus payroll stage and the off cycle run need to be initiated as soon as the par date of the regular payroll run. Let us have an example of the recent payroll period is from 01.01.2012 to 31.01.2012 , and the date for the pay is 20.01.2012, later on you have to initiate the off-cycle payroll runs amongst the 21.01.2012 and you have to release the date as the payroll control record for the alternative SAP HR payroll run.

Basically there are three kinds of off-cycle payroll run in SAP:

  • If you want to reimburse employees for expenditure entitlements you would have to use off-cycle bonus payment which is further known as Off-cycle bonus payment (Type A). For this you have to make additional off-cycle payments by entering the data using the info type 0267. As soon as you execute a “start payroll”, you ought to enter the “reason for payroll” field conferring to the anticipated calculation type.
  • If sometime you want to make payment for the late overtime or something else which is not able to make it in to the regular payroll run you would have to use Off-cycle correction accounting which is further known to be as type (B), Please make sure that the data you will enter will be same as of regular payroll run. As soon as you initiate the “Start payroll”, you ought to enter the “Reason for payroll” field with the related reason type.
  • If you want to remunerate the Christmas gratuity with the steady expenses run or with in a superior payroll run afore the regular one you would have to Off-cycle Christmas bonus payment or you can call it SAC or Type S. Please make sure that the data must be planned automatically within the system that is being generated within the payment date and the related configuration tables.