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Output Message for RFQ's

Updated May 18, 2018

Dear Colleagues

We are facing an issue when we try to save RFQ's. It says " No message
record could be found for out put message record". In this situation we
have to manually set the out put message. However the system is defaulted
with ITB and RFP's etc.

Our requirement is to default the out put message for RFQ. How we can fix


  • 03 Jul 2013 12:10 pm Rohit Mahajan

    Default RFQ output condition record is set in transaction MN01, MN02 - change, MN03 - display. You can set conditions for RFQ, Reminder, Quotation rejection.
    Hope it helps.
  • 04 Jul 2013 6:33 am SAPTechies Jobs
    with this I fixed the issue
  • 04 Jul 2013 6:35 am SAPTechies Jobs
    Thank you, I changed and tested, now it works.
  • 04 Jul 2013 6:42 am rekha
    Check if you have maintain proper combination and correct device in transaction MN03. If not, create it via MN01.

    Re-test system behavior after this have created output type,condition records.

    check in the condition records with T.code=MN01

    then check your selection criteria,communication(output device).

    now print with T.code=ME9A.