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SAP User || 06 Jun 2016 1:13 pm || 2

What should I do to resolve ABAP runtime error PARAMETER_CONVERSION_ERROR?


  • 06 Jun 2016 1:17 pm Helpful Answer

    1. The RFC server session (on the page called) was terminated abnormally (This may be because the application triggered an E message, A message or X message in the RFC function module that was called.). You can observe it for the relevant user in the system log (transaction SM21). 

    2. The RFC server session is terminated abnormally with the ABAP runtime error CALL_FUNCTION_SEND_ERROR (That is a special case of the aforementioned description.).

    3. The formal parameters of the RFC function modules did not correspond with the parameter transfer during the function module call.
    For example:
    RFC client                                             RFC SERVER
    CALL FUNCTION 'TEST'                    FUNCTION TEST.
    DESTINATION dest *"
    TAB_CHG       = e_tab. *"  TAB_CHG STRUCT

  • 06 Jun 2016 1:18 pm Helpful Answer

    To discover the source of the RFC server session termination, examine the system log with transaction SM21, in case the problem explained in case 3 do not apply.

    Proceed according to 532918 for further analysis of the problem.