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Partner Role and Vendor Sub Range

Updated May 18, 2018


hi sap gurus, pls tell me waht is partner-role & vendor sub range in vendor master.


shruthi kumar


  • 11 Dec 2008 11:00 am Obelix Helpful Answer
    With the partner roles you can specify in the vendor master data different partners for ordering adress (mostly used for the output), goods supplier (very popular for Tax and GTS) and Invoice presented by if the Invoice comes from another partner than the vendor.

    The purchasing view is only maitainable on purchasing organization, but sometimes it is use full to have different default values. In this case you can activate in teh vendor master to use the sub range technic. This allowes you to define a different views depending on sub ranges (for e.g. from Info record defined) or plants. If you have for e.g. more than one company which dealed with the same EKORG , than with the sub range on plant level you can maintain for each plant his own Currency, Inco terms etc.. and partners !
    greeting from Obx
  • 23 Jan 2010 3:57 pm Guest Helpful Answer
    The Business Partner "vendor" can assume different roles in its dealings with another enterprise. Accordingly, in a procurement transaction, the vendor is first the ordering address, then the supplier of goods, then the invoicing party, and finally the payee. For this reason, several partner roles (partner functions) can be assigned to the vendor.
    One or more of these roles can also be assumed by other vendors. This data is used in the associated downstream logistics and accounting functions.
    You can determine which of the partner roles are optional and which are mandatory via the Customizing functions. If no other roles have been maintained, the data of the Vendor role applies.
    In the vendor master record, the role Different payee is only displayed if you have maintained a different payee on the Payment transactions screen.

    In the Logistics Information System (LIS) and in the Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW), you can only run analyses for vendors. You cannot run analyses for any of the other partner roles supplied in the standard system.