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Please provide the T-code for inventory aging analysis ?

Updated Dec 12, 2020

Inventory aging analysis i.e at which time interval does the current inventory belongs 0-30 days, 30-60 days, 1yr- 2 yr, more than 2 yr and so on.

Inventory Aging Analysis T-code

Transaction Code Description of T-code Functional Area of T-code
MI01 Create Physical inventory Document MM - Inventory Management
MI04 Enter inventory Count with Document MM - Inventory Management
MIGO Goods Movement MM - Inventory Management
MB51 Material Doc. List MM - Inventory Management
OINM Object Link Medium PM - Plant Maintenance
MI20 Print List of Differences MM - Inventory Management
MC.9 INVCO: Material Anal.Selection,Stock MM - Inventory Controlling
MB5B Stocks for Posting Date MM - Inventory Management
MMBE Stock Overview LO - Material Master
MI31 Batch Input: Create Phys. Inv. Doc. MM - Inventory Management
MB52 List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand MM - Inventory Management
MI24 Physical inventory List MM - Inventory Management
MC46 INVCO: analysis of Slow-Moving Items MM - Inventory Controlling
MICN Btch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle Ctng MM - Inventory Management
MCNB BW: Initialize Stock Balances LO - Data Collection
MIRO Enter Incoming Invoice MM - Invoice Verification
LBWE LO Data Ext.: Customizing Cockpit LO - Logistics Information System (LIS)
MC50 INVCO: analysis of Dead Stock MM - Inventory Controlling
MB1C Other Goods Receipts MM - Inventory Management
RSA3 Extractor Checker BC - BW Service API
OITW Lower value limit for scale IM - Investment Programs
MI10 Create List of Differences w/o Doc. MM - Inventory Management
OBYC C FI Table T030 FI - Basic Functions
SBIW BIW in IMG for OLTP BC - BW Service API
SMI Memory Inspector BC - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime

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  • 23 Mar 2015 12:49 pm Guest


  • 21 Nov 2017 6:57 pm vaibhav gupta

    Please try use 

    • T-Code MC46 - Analysis of slow moving items,
    • T-Code MC50 - Dead stock for the inventory report by ageing wise