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Pretty Printer Use and Activation

Updated May 18, 2018

We use ABAP editor to create ABAP programs. Imagine you have joined an IT company and you were asked to write an ABAP program. You have written very big and good program which consists of 3000 lines. Every thing is fine but the program is not readable if you did not perform Pretty printer.

You can use the Pretty Printer in the ABAP editor to properly indent the lines of the program which makes program readable.

You can also set your own preferences by using the following method:

  • Go to SE38, ABAP editor. Enter any name of the existing program and click on change.
  • Go to Utilities--> Settings. Choose ABAP Editor tab. Under ABAP Editor, Choose Pretty Printer tab
  • In that Select the Check Box Indent. Select the Check box Convert Upper-/Lower Case. Under this Select Keyword Uppercase.

Exactly where can we link the functional module to abap coding.

Pretty Printer is used to format the ABAP Code we write in ABAP Editor ,like KEY WORDS in Capitals and remaining are in small letters which is also depend on system settings.

We can call the function module in the ABAP Code .Press the Pattern button on Appl. tool bar then u will get box where u write the function module NAME which u want to call in the code by selecting the radio button CALL FUNCTION. In this way we link function module to ABAP Code