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Print PO from Print Preview Screen in SAP

Updated May 18, 2018


Some users would like to have the option to print PO from PRINT PREVIEW SCREEN. I tested on MAC there is no issue. There is a print button on the Print Preview Screen and PO can be print right from that screen. Where as on PC I do not see a print button on the PRINT PREVIEW SCREEN and when I go to the File Print option it is greyed out. Has anyone experienced this with a PC? I tried on several PC s same issue. Where as on every MAC I tried I can see the print button. If you know the reason or have solution please share.

PO can be printed by the standard process when saving the application on both PC and MAC. That is not an issue.

Thank you


  • 22 Jul 2013 6:12 am Sushma
    SAPgui display is identical whether on MAC or PC so it might be possible they are looking at different output types. Do a test and look at the same PO from both devices. Typically this is controlled from the print program so whether you are using a Mac, PC or Linux machine there should be no difference.