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FM DD_APPD_DEL to delete the Append Structures

Updated May 18, 2018

What is the procedure to delete Append Structure?

I am not able to delete append structures. When i am trying to select the append structure and delete it,

It shows as it doesn't exists when i try to create an append structures with the same name it shows it already exists. How to resolve this issue?

All the above suggested procedures works when the append structure is in active or inactive

But in my case when it try to delete the structure it says it doesn't exists but standard structure still shows it has an append structure.


There is a function module DD_APPD_DEL to delete the append structures

when i executed this FM with append structure name as input. the append structure is no more in my standard structure.

It is now possible to delete append structures. If you want to remove an append structure that is appended to a table or a structure, you should proceed as follows:

Delete the Append structure using SE11 (enter the name of the Append structure in the initial screen of SE11, choose type Structure, Dictionary object -> Delete).

The table or structure that uses the append structure is activated afterwards when deleting the append. A possible further implicit use of the append structure by using the table or structure in further tables or structures as an INCLUDE is the reactivation of invoices.

In this way the deletion takes effect immediately in all dependent tables or structures.

In the case of a table, when deleting the append structure a conversion may be necessary.

You must then branch into the database utility and convert the table.


  • 03 May 2013 10:20 am pavan Helpful Answer
    Goto SE11 Enter Table Name Click on disply. 
    Click on the "Append Structure"
    There you will find your already added structure select that and delete.