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Top 12 Process Integration Connectivity Add-on 1.0 Interview Questions & Answers

Updated May 19, 2018

FAQ: SAP PI Connectivity Add-on 1.0

1. How to generate the query for SFSF sender channel processing?

Ans: Use the HCI's operations modeler. For more details, please refer the documentation.

2. What is the default polling interval for delta sync processes in the SFSF Adapter?

Ans: The default polling interval for delta sync provided in the configuration is 1 day. This can be changed by the user as the polling interval should be dependent on entity operation and parameters for query.

3. Where can I find the documentation for SFSF Adapter?

Ans: The path on the Help Portal is: SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NetWeaver Process Integration -> Process Integration Add-Ons -> SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, connectivity add-on 1.0.

4. What should be done if you get "Connection reset" or "Timeout error" while query processing in channel monitoring/logs?

Ans: This typically can happen when you are using a very complex query and also a high value for the number of records per page. It is recomended to reduce the number of records per page, when you get this error.

5. Does it work if same SFSF sender channel is configured in multiple ICO's?

Ans: As of now, configuration of SFSF sender channel allows the use of the same SFSF sender channel in multiple ICO's, but during the runtime the message processing will fail.

6. Is OData protocol supported in PI 7.11?

Ans: OData Adapter and OData message protocol in SFSF Adapter is not supported for PI 7.11. The software currently contains features that are only supported in SAP JVM 6.

7. Which options can i use to create HTTP destinations in NWA, that are supported by the SFSF & OData adapter?

Ans: For SFSF & OData adapter, HTTP destinations created using No Authentication & Basic Authentication are supported.

8. What happens if the payload contains non UTF-8 characters in the content?

Ans: Payload with non UTF-8 characters are not supported and this results in an error.

9. How to resolve the error "upsert:{} method not found" while executing SFAPI (SOAP) web services?

Ans: This happens because the XSD generated out of HCI's operations modeler does not contain namespace. You can add these two attributes to the XSD to resolve the error: xmlns="" and targetNamespace=""

10. For OData "Read" operation, can i reuse the channel for querying multiple records of the same entity?

Ans: For SFSF & OData adapter read operation is based on specific key predicates value. For example: If you want to read the entity "Book" based on bookId then the read operation url will look like this: https:///Book(bookid=’bk 1234’). So this means that per channel for a given entity only one record can be read. If you want to read another record then you will have to create a separate channel for the same.

11. For OData "Query" operation, how can i limit the fetch size of the results?

Ans: The OData "Query" operation is designed to fetch all the records for the given entity. But in case if you want to limit the fetch size, then it can be done via the query URL options $top & $skip.

12. What is the use of Additional Parameters table in Advanced tab of the SFSF Sender Channel?

Ans: This table is by default empty and has no functionality delivered/rendered in SP0. This has been kept as a placeholder, for any future enhancements to the configuration settings.