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Difference between Support Pack and Patch in SAP PI

Updated May 18, 2018

 Support Pack vs Patch 

What is the difference between support pack and patch in SAP PI?


Support Package Stack

  • A Support Package Stack (SP) is a collection of bug fixes and feature modifications.
  • Each Support Package has a collection of all the Software Components which make up the PI system.
  • New Support Package (SP) is released quarterly (this may change depending on the PI release).
  • All the components of the PI system should always be on the same SP release due to software dependencies.

Support Pack vs Patch in SAP PI


  • A Patch contains fixes for an individual Software Component, which belongs to a specific SP release.
  • Several Java-based Software Components exist which are relevant to the PI system.
  • Many fixes are released by SAP in the form of a patch, for each of the PI Software Components on regular basis.
  • These fixes are released on a weekly basis depending on the PI release, the SP release and the specific Software Component.
  • Please go through SAP document 1381878 in order to check the Patch Levels (PL) of the individual PI Software Components.
  • Each Java patch for the PI SC's contain all previous patches e.g. the XIESR SP06 PL14 contains PL14, PL13, PL12 etc.
  • Also, individual PI Software Components contains many dependencies (SAP document 1381878).