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PI (Process Integration) Interview Questions

Process Integration (PI) Faq's

1) What are the different types of mapping that can be used in PI?

The various  types of mapping which are used in PI are:

  • Graphical Mapping
  • Java Mapping
  • XSLT Mapping
  • ABAP Mapping

2) Is it necessary to create the partner profiles in case of file to idoc scenario?

NO, it is not always necessary to create the partner profiles in case of file to idoc scenario if you are doing it for testing purposes otherwise you have to configure partner profile to assure XI for receiver client.

3) What are the daily activities and responsibilities of XI Developer?

Monitoring after Go Live, troubleshoot performance issue when a ticket arises, on development part it will be creating BS, objects in IR, configuring in ID

Based on the scenario that what you are working in the low-level Working on SLD, IR, ID, RWB + developing the scenario’s+Documentation + Based on the requirements design + monitoring check + Performance+..etc

4) What Are The Activities For Sap Netweaver Xi Integration, Implementation, Post Go-live?

  • SAP NetWeaver XI integration where the Involvement of sharing the information between SAP and Non SAP System comes into Picture.
  • The implementation where the SAP involvement into the business coming into Picture.
  • Go Alive After Developing the interface after coming across various stages like testing the Interface is made alive or used to the real-time scenario is said to be GO ALIVE.

5) How to configure driver level encryption in PI JDBC Adapter?

The encryption of the data sent to the Oracle database is taken care by the JDBC driver and not by the PI as each and every database provides there own data encryption feature.

1.The driver parameters must be configured in the Advanced mode of the JDBC channel
2.The driver parameters must be prefixed with "driver:", for example,

6) How to enable message compression on PI/PO system?

1.Configure message compression on PI/PO application level by setting the following two properties in NWA -> Configurations -> Infrastructure -> Java system properties -> Services -> XPI Service: Messaging System.

  • messaging.compression.enabled (boolean)
  • messaging.compression.threshold (unit value is in bytes)

7) How to check the patch level of PI ESR contents?

  • Call transaction sxmb_ifr
  • Logon to the Enterprise Services Builder
  • Go to SAP Basis -> SAP BASIS 7.10 -> Details (tab)
  • The current SAP Basis SP release is available in the Available Support Packages field
  • The current SFTP ADAPTER XI CONTENT is available from the SFTP ADAPTER object in the Available Support Packages field

8) How to view the payload of archived PI messages?

  • Open transaction SARA
  • Enter the Archiving Object 'BC_XMB'
  • Click on the Read button
  • Select Execute on the next screen
  • Choose the archived file which contains the message you wish to view the payload
  • Select the message you wish to view
  • A screen similar to that in transaction SXMB_MONI is opened and here you can view the payload

9) How to check if PI tables need to take consolidated statistics?

  • In PI system, go to transaction DB20, enter the SXMSPMAST in Table field and click on the button "Update Info"
  • Check if the number in "Old Number" is 435.530, while the "Active Flag" is set to "I".
  • If not, Document 1020260 is required to be applied in the system.
  • For the detailed number in 'Old Number', the right number is 435530 for table SXMSPMAST, you can get the result from the attached TXT file in document 1020260.

10) How can I convert an IDoc to plain text?

Create a mapping and keep only those fields(i.e. segment E1BP1011) which you want to send to target. And do the Content Conversion then.

11) What is the use of Integration server? What are the components in Integration server?

This is one of the key components of SAP PI system and is used for processing of messages. It consists of three engines:

  • Business Process Engine
  • Integration Engine
  • Central Advanced Adapter Engine AAE