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Profile parameter conn_opts

Updated May 21, 2018

Sometimes the connection options such as FailoverPartner or MultiSubnetFailover are needed to be specified either in the profile parameter dbs/mss/server or environment variable MSSQL_SERVER. Because of the maximum length of this parameter only 64 characters which are not sufficient many times.

The following errors can be generated due to this issue:

  • provided server value '%s' is longer (%d) than allowed maximum 64

  • then occur in the developer trace file, and the system will not start.


Therefore instead of adding options to the server name, a new parameter is needed.

In the latest DBSL interface a new profile parameter named dbs/mss/conn_opts has been implemented.

  • lib_dbsl 720 patch 614
  • lib_dbsl 721 patch 311
  • lib_dbsl 722 all patch levels contain the correction
  • lib_dbsl 740 patch 67
  • lib_dbsl 741 patch 33

All the higher versions lib_dbsl have this correction. Therefore set this parameter to the connection option to be added.

For Example:

dbs/mss/conn_opts = MultiSubnetFailover=yes

The parameter must be set in the environment for the standalone tools


If in case if there is a requirement of multiple connection option settings then please separate them with a semicolon ';'.

The profile parameter dbs/mss/conn_opts will be unknown until and unless the latest kernel is in use for your release. The user can still use the parameter if the required DBSL patch level is applied but the user has to ignore the warning in transaction RZ11 i.e the parameter is unknown.

Due to the change in DBSL interface, the users are now allowed to use a new option in the field DBCON-CON_ENV when defining secondary remote connections in the system. Also, the old option can be specified using new shorter names. The old names are still accepted as before. The possible options are:

Old Name New Name Description
MSSQL_DSN= DSN= Data source name
MSSQL_UNIXDSN= UDS= Data source name for聽linux only
MSSQL_SERVER= SRV= Server name
MSSQL_DBNAME= DBN= Database name
MSSQL_SCHEMA= SCH= Schema/user context to switch to at connect time
MSSQL_CONN_TIMEOUT= CTO= Connection timeout
MSSQL_FORCECOMMITTEDREAD= FCR= Force committed read (for R3trans)
MSSQL_LOCKTIMEOUTMS= LTO= Set lock timeout period (for R3trans)
  COP= The new connection options parameter

There is no need of changing anything for the existing DBCON entries. But if required then new parameters can be used for new DBCON entries.