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Prorate Salary Based On Work Days (Including PH)

amit butola || 25 Mar 2014 1:19 pm || 2

Dear expert,

I need to prorate the salary and other payment for employee that hire and leave not in the first day of the month.

The proration formula is: (days employee work - PH) / (work day of the month - PH).
example: if employee start worked at 20 January 2014, and in January 2014 there is 31 days with 8 days of weekend and 10 January 2014 is Public Holiday, then the calculation will be --> (12-0) / (31-8-1) = 11 / 22 days.

I plan to use period and factoring feature to get the proration, I can get the 12 days from TASOLL and 0 from TAAX** [from table PARTT and PARTA].

The problem is I can't find where SAP store the PH day (10 Jan 20140 because in table PARTT and PARTA the PH will only from 20 Jan - 31 Jan 2014.

Where can I possibly take the work day of the month - PH in SAP?


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  • 25 Mar 2014 12:06 pm

    You do not need to deduct or add the PH hrs. See following example of XPP1 pcr (copied as ZPP1 and changed as required) for grpg * / w/t /801 :
    ZPP1*/801 NUM=TSSOLL NEXTTR Total WS hrs for the period
    ZPP1*/801 1 NUM-TSAU** NXTTR - unpaid leave hrs
    ZPP1*/801 2 NUM-TSAP01 NEXTTR - paid leave hrs
    ZPP1*/801 3 ZERO= R NEXTTR - set rate to zero
    ZPP1*/801 4 ADDWT * - add to OT

    The above will give the total hrs including PH and minus paid/unpaid leave hrs. The paid leave (of abs class 01) is paid with a leave w/t.

  • 25 Mar 2014 12:06 pm

    There won't be any unpaid leave and paid leave, so there will be 0 because this is the case for the first hiring of employee.

    As I know, TSSOLL will only consider the hours worked between the hiring date until end of month (20 January - 31 January).

    The client wants to divide the TSSOLL with the workdays in whole month include the PH (workdays from 01 Jan - 31 Jan minus PH).

    Where can I get the workdays from whole month minus the PH?