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Purchase Order With Account Assignment "F" Order

Updated May 18, 2018

Hi All,

my scope is to link purchase order to process order for a material , so i create a purchase order for this material with an account assignment "F" (order) and link it with a specific order number . My problem is that the PO asks me for determining GL account while i want the PO to use valuation class for material to determine accounts automatically when doing MIGO. so is there an ability to force the purchase order with an account assignment "F" to use valuation class in stead of determining GL account manually?



  • 16 Aug 2013 7:29 am Sushma
    Yes, you can maintain valuation class in material group (IMG > Materials Management > Purchasing > Material Master > Entry Aids for Items Without a Material Master)

    Then assign it in account determination OBYC.
  • 16 Aug 2013 7:29 am Sushma
    You can use either manual account assignment (order F + GL account) or automatic determination without account assignment category. Combination as you described as far as I know is not SAP standard. You can enhance your system to set GL account based on exit or if you use only several combinations of GL account + internal order you can define them in OKB9 Default account assignment - then when you enter GL account into PO respective cost object is assigned automatically.
    Hope it helps.