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Error: Movement type 101 k not Planned?

Updated May 19, 2018

While doing Goods Receipt for Consignment procurement,I am getting this error as 'Movement Type 101 k is not planned(Entry is not copied over)".I have created Purchase order with Item category as 'K'

Could you help me with this please.




  • 30 Nov 1999 12:00 am Guest

    Check t-code OMJJ and select movement type as 101. Also, check the LIS statistics group combination of 101 and K

    Note: Please also check if you configured MIGo for 101 K movement type

  • 30 Nov 1999 12:00 am Guest

    Please enter the item category K for the consignment item into your FO in order to make sure that the goods receipt is posted to the consignment stores and invoice receipt cannot be generated for the item.