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Qualifications and Skills requires to become a CS Consultant

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Qualifications and Skills requires to become a CS Consultant

The SAP CS course helps to gain hands on experience to run efficiently the SAP CS Module. The SAP CS module helps in maintaining product information to enable consistent, high-quality services. This course is modeled in a manner that is beneficial for everyone from everyday users to senior management.
The basic requirements for the course includes that the candidate must have


  • Good educational background with degree from reputed universities or institutes in any specialization like BE/BTech/BSc/BCA/MCA/MSc/MBA/MCom/CA/MTech. Though this is a good course for professionals from HR, sales domain.
  • Must have basic computer and information technology knowledge.
  • Must be aware of Business process and ERP Systems.
  • Must have good communication skills and patience to work in a team.
  • Must have quest to excel.

After the course the student can get SAP certification by undertaking a SAP certification exam tested and evaluated by SAP.

This is a good course which can be used as a part of advancement of skills in the employees by an enterprise for project members, Customer care members and Business analysist to improvise the customer service process.