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How to Run or Access a Tcode Without Authorization

Updated May 18, 2018

All the problem related to running a SAP transaction can now be resolved with the help of execution of a debugger as now no authorization is required for running a particular transaction. This is certainly comeing as a relief as many times work is held up because the individual is not authorized, however proper steps have to be taken before you finally run the transaction. One of the major advantage of using the debugger is that while any changes are being made all those can be recorded in a log. 

The steps for performing debugging are listed as follows:

Step 1 - Insert debug division 

Within Function module 'AUTH_CHECK_TCODE' insert a break-point the ABAP code line 'if sy-subrc = 0.', straight after the call 'AUTH_CHECK_TCODE' id 'TCODE' field tcode command.

Step 2 - Executing your chosen SAP transaction code 

Proper care has to be taken to ensure that while executing the tcode, SAP should go into debugging mode and stop at your break point. If it doesn't type /h into the command line field, this is the place where you enter transactions, and press enter, then try executing your transaction code again. If it stops at a point which is not where you inserted the breakpoint in step 1 keep pressing F8 until it gets to it! 

Step 3 – Changing SY-SUBRC Value:

In case you are unauthorized to perform this transaction, When the code reaches the 'if sy-subrc = 0' statement, sy-subrc should have a value not equal to 0. change this to 0 using the usual method relevant to your system (i.e. by clicking on the change pencil icon, change value and press enter). Press 8, when the value is changed for continuing the SAP program on its way.

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