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SAP application had to terminate due to an ABAP runtime error

amit butola || 31 Oct 2013 11:25 am || 1

ABAP Runtime Error

On running payroll simulation, it is getting terminated showing ABAP Runtime error, which reads as follows:

The SAP application had to terminate due to an ABAP runtime error.

The characteristics of runtime error are:
Date........................................30.10. 2013
Time.........................................23:19 :34
Transaction ID......52B06746A47122BE1000000COA80123 


  • Rohit Mahajan
    31 Oct 2013 5:57 am
    Run transaction ST22 to get the details of the error, and find the one for your particular run.
    It will show the program line where the error occurred.
    Find 'pernr' to get the employee's
    Then determine the cause of error
    as below:
    a)In transaction SE38 display the program as above. Go to the line where the error occurred,
    b)Set break point just before the line or at the line.
    c)Re-run the payroll for the employee.
    d)When the program stops at the breakpoint, check all the relevant data.
    e)Where required, execute one line at a time, so that you can understand what is happening.

    Then you should be able to find the reason for the error.

    If the problem is in a custom ABAP function, then consult the programmer.

    If the problem is in a SAP program object,
    1)find OSS notes relevant to the problem.
    2)If there are any, apply the notes in the dev.system, import the employee's data to the dev test client. Repeat the payroll as above and check if the problem is fixed.
    3)If not found, report the error to SAP with an OSS message and all relevant details of data used, transaction, which pay period, expected results, etc.; follow up with SAP for a resolution