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Sales Order Vs Available Stock

Updated May 18, 2018

Can we block available stock of an item for a customer/against a sales order while creating so?

E.g. item k existing stock is 600 pcs. While creating sales order, this 600 pcs should move to reserved stock in MMBE.

Is it possible to implement it in R3? Can anyone help me about the configuration for the same?



  • 04 Feb 2014 6:51 am rekha Best Answer

    Yes, you can move the stock from sales to warehouse through T.code MB21-Create reservation using movement type 251.

    Do the following settings to block the stock.
    Go to OVZ9, select the required Availability Check and Checking Rule and execute.  There tick the box "Include Sales Requirement".  This will block the stock as and when you create sale order. 

  • 08 Jan 2014 5:45 am Sushma

    SAP does not hard allocate stock to sales orders / schedule agreements. Instead by using Avalable to Promise it takes into account already existing sales demand and future supply plans for the material when promising the delivery date for a new sales demand. Transaction CO09 for available to promise. The AtP to be used for a material is set in the MRP3 screen of the Material Master and is used in conjunction with the Total Replenishment Lead Time on the same screen for instances where there is no future supply available.