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SAP HR ABAP Interview Questions and Answers


Here I have planned to update the ABAP-HR FAQS, actually searched a lot but not able to find all at one place and also doesn't have answers for most of them. I am gathering all the questions and answers and publishing here. Please update in comments if you feel anything has been missed or not correct.

What is the difference between ABAP and HR ABAP?

ABAP – It is a programming language used in all the modules of SAP like MM/SD/FI … even HR

ABAP-HR – It is an extension used to program the logic in HR module extensively. The logic/pattern used to write code in HR is different than in normal ABAP, as it uses LDBs, Macros and Many FM to retrieve the data rather using SELECT queries as in ABAP.

What is logical database?

Logical data bases are special programs used to read the data and make it available in the programs. Other than retrieving the data authorization checks are handled, can be able to retrieve data from multiple tables. Specify LDB in the program attributes and use the GET event to retrieve the data. One best use is there will be a default selection screen.

 What are logical databases used in hr module?


What is the difference between PNP and PNPCE?

  • PNP is old LDB used to retrieve the data for HR Master Data.                                                                                     
  • PNPCE is also used for Master Data but it is capable of Concurrent Employees.

Explain GET PERNR concept when we use a logical database?

You need to use LDB PNP to use the GET PERNR event, once GET PERNR event triggers all the Infotypes declared by using INFOTYPES statement will be fetched data to the respective internal tables. If you specify Infotypes by INFOTYPES statement then internal tables are created with Pnnnn structure.    

                Ex:- INFOTYPES: 0001, 0002, 0006.

                Internal tables p0001, p0002, p0003 are created and can be used in the program. 

Explain the program flow when we use logical database PNP or PNPCE?

                If you use any of the LDBs, the program flow is as below             

   Report XXXXXX.

                Data declaration


                GET PERNR.

                      retrieve the data from internal tables to output internal tables  


                      Display the data retrieved above.

From GET PERNR to END_OF_SELECTION; it will loop with the employee numbers selected from the selection screen.

 What are the program names for logical database PNP and PNPCE?


What is report category and for what purpose do we use report category?

Report Category describes the default selection screen for LDBs. As per the user requirement, you can customize the selection screen using z report category. Once after you define the LDB, you can change the default report category.                                                                                                                                                                 

Report Category