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SAP HR Qualifications Catalog

Updated Aug 26, 2023

SAP HR Qualification Catalog is a powerful tool that facilitates effective personnel development by providing a structured and comprehensive database of employee qualifications. This article explains the features, benefits, and utilization of the SAP HR Qualification Catalog and how it contributes to creating well-defined job descriptions and identifying skill gaps.

What is SAP HR Qualification Catalog?

The SAP HR Qualification Catalog serves as a centralized repository for storing and managing employee qualifications, whether possessed or required for specific job roles. This catalog plays a pivotal role in HR operations by categorizing qualifications into various domains such as technical, educational, behavioral, language, and other skills. These categories allow HR personnel to quickly pinpoint the appropriate qualifications when creating job postings or defining job roles.

Benefits of the SAP HR Qualification Catalog

  • Efficient Job Description Creation: Crafting accurate and detailed job descriptions is essential for attracting suitable candidates. The catalog streamlines this process by providing HR professionals with a readily available pool of qualifications, ensuring that job postings are aligned with actual requirements.
  • Comprehensive Skill Set Insight: The catalog offers a holistic view of employees' skill sets and competencies. HR managers can better understand the capabilities of their workforce, making informed decisions regarding employee placements, promotions, and development initiatives.
  • Identifying Skill Gaps: By comparing the required qualifications for a job role with the existing skill sets of employees, the catalog highlights any gaps that need to be addressed. This aids in targeted training and development programs.
  • Hierarchical Qualification Grouping: The catalog enables the grouping of qualifications into hierarchical qualification groups. This classification provides clarity and structure, making it easier to navigate and manage a large volume of qualifications.
  • Alternative Qualifications: HR personnel can assign alternative qualifications to specific roles. These alternatives are considered equivalent or comparable to the required qualification during profile comparisons.
  • Validity and Renewal Management: Some qualifications, such as licenses, have expiration dates. The catalog allows for the assignment of validity periods, reminding HR teams to renew qualifications when needed.
  • Depreciation Meter: This unique feature allows the simulation of situations where qualifications may degrade if not used regularly. It's particularly relevant for qualifications not exercised as part of an individual's current role.
  • Multi-Language Support: The ability to translate catalog entries and descriptions allows organizations to leverage the catalog's capabilities across diverse linguistic environments.

Customizing the Catalog

T-code OOQA is used as the gateway to customizing the SAP HR Qualification Catalog. Through this transaction, HR administrators can modify qualification descriptions, adjust validity periods, and even create or delete qualification groups.

Utilization and Implementation

Creating the SAP HR Qualification Catalog involves navigating through the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Personnel Development. Here, HR teams can define proficiency scales, organize qualification groups, assign validity periods, and input alternative qualifications.

The catalog can then be accessed and edited through the following SAP IMG Path

Human Resources > Personnel Management > Personnel Development > Settings > Current Settings > Edit Qualifications Catalog


The SAP HR Qualification Catalog integration into HR operations streamlines processes enhances decision-making, and ultimately helps organizations thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape. Through its user-friendly interface and dynamic features, the SAP HR Qualification Catalog empowers HR professionals to unlock the full potential of their workforce.