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How to put picture or company's logo on the right hand side of Easy access menu.

Updated May 18, 2018

Dear all,

I want to put the picture on the right side of sap easy access by using t-code SMW0, i choosed Binary data for WebRFC applications then i created an object, clicked on import, locate the pict (.GIF) then i receive the following message. If i click on okay then i get message (2)


please assist. what should i put in package. Can anyone walk me through how to put picture or company's logo on the right hand side of Easy access menu.
Thank you,


  • 05 Jul 2010 6:05 am rekha Best Answer


    You can give the logo which is only defined in SMW0 transaction or else u have to upload logo there.

    Now goto SMW0 transaction give table name as ssm_cust
    click maintain and give ur logo name present in SMW0 at field start_image and save.

    That logo will come on right side of ur initial screen when u logon again.

    Here is Steps to change the default SAP IMAGE on the right hand column of the screen :-

    • Transaction code - SMW0 
    • X - Binary data for WebRFC application 
    • Hit Enter 
    • Click Execute 
    • Click Settings -> Maintain MIME types 
    • Click the Create button 
    • Fill in :- TYPE : image/gif EXTENSION : .GIF 
    • Click Save 
    • Click Back to the Binary data for WebRFC 
    • Click Create 
    • Fill in :- Obj. name : ZXXXX.GIF Description :
    • Company Logo 
    • Click Import and specify the filename where your GIF file is located.
    • File type is BIN. Finish press the Transfer button. 
    • If successful, your logo will be shown in the Binary data for WebRFC. 
    • Transaction code SM30 - Table/View - SSM_CUST 
    • Click Maintain 
    • Click New Entries 
    • Name Value to be set 
    • Logoff and Login again 


  • 05 Jul 2010 6:04 am rekha
    In the pkg u put BC
  • 05 Jul 2010 6:04 am rekha
    I put BC, created a request close the sap and reopen but now i don't even have any pict.

    I deleted my object so i could have old sap pic but it's not there. Please help!!

    Thank You,