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Sap Logon for Windows has stopped working

Updated May 18, 2018

Since we upgraded to sapgui 7.20 and guiXt 2011.2.3 in August we have been getting sudden shut down of all SAP sessions….including the logon pad. We are on  Windows 7.

These shutdowns of the SAP sessions are random and so far not recreatable. The user suddenly gets the popup - Sap Logon for Windows has stopped working then all sessions shut down including logon pad. There are multiple sessions going on at the same time running guiXt scripts. We have a lot of scripting.

Any chance that a new a new version of guiXt might address this issue? I know it is a tough problem. I was just hoping someone had seen this. I really have no reason to point the finger in the direction of GuiXt but you never know..