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Inventory Management Interview Questions and Answers

Updated May 18, 2018

Inventory Management Related FAQ's

Q: How to cancel an invoice & payment document?


Please follow the steps below in order to cancel the invoice & payment document:

  • First go to Banking → Incoming Payments for displaying the Incoming Payment document
  • Now navigate to upper menu bar and click Data → Cancel.

Note: Also please copy the Invoice to a Credit Memo, as the Invoice opens automatically when you cancel its payment.

Q: How to remove an item from the system?


Only those item can be removed which has no transaction and also is not included in the draft documents. When an item is removed then it totally deleted from the system and cannot be restored. Those items that have any document linked to it cannot be removed.

In order to remove an item from the system, navigate to Inventory → Item Master Data, locate the item, right-click it and then choose Remove.

Only these items can be removed which has:

  • those that have no linked transactions
  • no MRP Order Recommendations
  • no draft documents
  • no rules for Advanced GL account determination

The following queries can be used to check the items

whether the item has associated Advanced G/L determination rules:

  • select "Itemcode" , * from ogar where "ItemCode"='XXXX'

whether the item was used in a historical document:

  • select * from adoc where "DocEntry" in (select "DocEntry" from ado1 where "ItemCode"='XXXX')

whether the item was used in an Inventory Counting or Inventory Posting

  • select * from oiqr where "DocEntry" in (select "DocEntry" from iqr1 where "ItemCode"='XXXX')
  • select * from oinc where "DocEntry" in (select "DocEntry" from inc1 where "ItemCode"='XXXX')

whether the item was used in an MRP scenario or recommendation

  • select * from omsn where "AbsEntry" in (select "AbsEntry" from msn4 where "ItemCode" = 'XXXX')
  • select * from orcm where "ItemCode" ='XXXX'

Note: From SAP Business One version 8.8, the options to Cancel and Restore an item, have been removed.

Q: How to remove BP (Business Partner) master record from the system?


Please follow the steps below in order to remove a BP (Business Partner) master record from the system

  • First select the Business Partner (BP) master record you want to remove from Business Partners → Business Partners Master Data.
  • Now go to the upper menu bar and click Data -> Remove

Note: The Business Partners with no transaction can be removed and once removed the BP cannot be restored.

Q: How to hide those columns which were added to marketing document but not usefull anymore?


In order to resolve this please follow the steps below:

  • First, open the equired document.
  • Now navigate to the upper menu bar and click Form Settings.
  • Now in the Table Format tab please uncheck required columns or click Default to return to the system default settings.
  • Now atlast save the changes and close the window

Q: How to create one inventory doc with the help of all your materials to count instead of creating one doc for each material?


Please follow the steps below in order to  create one inventory doc with  all your materials:

  • User can carry out transaction MI01  with the reference of their plant & storage location. Then the user can then enter as many inventory materials as per as his need
  • Please set the maximum number of items for example 50 via Transaction MICN. The same can be done via using transaction OMCN.

Q: What is the relation between GR/IR account and Inventory?

Ans) If the user is involved with inventory, then the user need a GR/IR account (Inventory Account) while posting IR. Whereas if the user is not involvedt in inventory, then the user system does not need the GR/IR account while posting IR. In this case, the system needs a G/L instead of GR/IR account.

Q: How can we find the logical value for stock item by date?


Use Transaction MC49 

Menu path :

1. Information systems -> Logistics -> Inventory management->Material -> Document Evaluations -> Stock value -> Mean inventory or
2. Logistics -> Logistics controlling -> Inventory Controlling Environment -> Document evaluations -> Stock value -> Mean Stock Value.

Q: How to transfer stock from one vendor to another vendor?

Ans): First perform 542 and then 541 to the new vendor.


  • 25 Mar 2008 4:40 am K.NAGESHWAR RAO
    I had query regarding the material which is not issued since last 3 years.There is transaction code or reports is available.
  • 27 Feb 2009 8:59 am SASIKUMAR
    how to release a purchase order with out release strategie
  • 11 Mar 2009 4:57 pm Sanka Jayasinghe
    For the not issued materials try this ZAPAC_SLOW This gives not only 3 years non moving but also for the whole materials that did not moved.
  • 25 May 2009 11:23 am Guest
    I want to transfer stock of one material code into other code. is this activity recommended? what are the disadvantages of this activity?