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For object RF_BELEG xxx number range interval 70 does not exist FBN1

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello All,

While processing MIGO i am getting error message:

"For object RF_BELEG  xxx number range interval 70 does not exist FBN1".

Anyone can you give me the solution, please.




  • 24 Feb 2011 6:31 pm Daran Best Answer
    Maintain the number range for documents in FBN1 t.code for 70 ( eg: range 10000 to 19999 ) for the fiscal year 2010 by adding new intervals and assign.
  • 14 Mar 2011 3:35 pm walter menezor Helpful Answer
    hi guys,
    been trying to clean old stubborn STOS'from stock requirment list(MD04) so that i can have a clear view of what we have in the system,but the STOS are not refreshing away even after deleting the deliveries and blocking the STOS'.it gave ne an error message "qty delivered differs from qty issued".so the stos are still can i permanently close these stos before blocking them or any solutions?its been a nightmare.i want them to disappear from my stock requirement list entirely.
  • 23 Jul 2016 3:46 pm mungararoopesh Helpful Answer

    go to t-code snro and give object name as rf_beleg and go to number ranges in that and give the physical year to the number range

  • 25 Feb 2011 4:45 am sebastian
    thank you daran. I solved the issue.