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SAP Portal Runtime Error on logon page

Updated May 20, 2018

Portal runtime error on logon page after system upgrade due to authschemes.xml file computation issue

Hello SAP Experts,

After completing the system upgrade and logging to the portal instead of getting normal Portal login page. I am getting a Portal runtime error with an Exception ID.The error corresponding to the specific exception ID can be seen in default trace. 

In order to re-generate the error please do the following:

  • First successfully upgrade the portal to 7.1+ from 7.0X
  • Now please login to the upgraded portal with a normal URL.
  • Yow will notice that instead of correct Portal login page you are are getting portal runtime error.


  • 27 Jan 2017 6:09 pm Jyoti Pandey Helpful Answer

    In order to resolve the error please do the following:

    • First, locate your system authschemes.xml file as give in the link
    • Now first backup your current authschemes.xml file and then open & edit authschemes.xml file.
    • Now please check and make sure that every Authscheme entry is expected to have a frontendtype and frontendtarget entries. For help refer

    Note: if you have changed your authschemes.xml as part of providing a custom portal login screen, please also follow KBA no.1935486 in order to do it in a correct way for your upgraded 7.3x+ version.

  • 27 Jan 2017 6:10 pm Sugandh Helpful Answer

    The portal runtime time error you are facing can be caused due to following reason:

    1) It is possible that during the system upgrade authschemes.xml file must had made its way from 7.0X system and contains old configuration or your own configuration.

    2) The another possible reason could be that your custom logon module stack is must have not moved successfully to the upgraded system.