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sapms..., sapdp.., sapgw.. unknown (or not found)

Updated May 18, 2018


Incorrect RFC connection setup:
RfcOpen from an RFC client program was confirmed with RFC_HANDLE_NULL.

The error text in the trace file (dev_rfc or RFCxxx.TRC on 16-bit Windows) or for RfcLastError is:
      - sapms<sid> unknown (in earlier Releases: not found)
      - sapdpxx    unknown (in earlier Releases: not found)
      - sapgwxx    unknown (in earlier Releases: not found)

Error "sapgwxx unknown" (for earlier releases: not found), and can also occur for RfcAccept in an RFC server program.

Incorrect TCP/IP configuration ("services" file)


Ask your R/3 System administrator for the "service" of the affected R/3 message server (sapms<sid>, SID: System-ID), of the affected R/3 dispatcher (sapdpxx) or of the affected SAP gateway (sapgwxx) and please add the missing entry in the "services" file on your host:
(UNIX: /etc/services, NT: <windir>/system32/drivers/etc/services),

The following are valid as defaults:
sapdp00    3200/tcp
sapdp99    3299/tcp

sapgw00    3300/tcp
sapgw99    3399/tcp

sapms<sid> starts from 3600/tcp.

When inserting this into this file, pleas ensure that the last entry is always terminated with a <return>. For some platforms, this may cause problems, as the last entry may not be recognized.