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SAPScript: Print program is running if the form name is not defined

Updated May 18, 2018

I try to use SE30 to check what is the form name that the abap print program is calling but to no avail. May i know what would be the way to check what sapscript the print program is running if the form name is not defined in the print program but maybe in config.

This can be done in many ways.

1) goto table TNAPR
2) set break-point at open form and in debugging see form name
3) goto SE71, utilities--> activate debugger and execute(sapscript)
4) goto nace and see the respective output type.

Goto Tcode: NACE
Select you Application : Eg: V1 - Sales
Click on the Button Output types (On App toolbar)
It will display all the output types of Sales.
Select your Output Type (Eg: BA00 - Order Conf)
Double click on the Processing Routines on Left Pane
It will Display the FORM and Print Program for BA00

Most of the SD,MM Module in NACE Transaction or TNAPR Table 

FI Module will store at T001F Table or Check of some of the transaction related to FI.


PP and PM Module will be at OID1 Transactions

You can check other tables too TTXFP

Check other transaction too OPK8


  • 24 Mar 2010 8:46 am Guest

    Can i know the table name for HR Module.