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Screen Output without Connection to User Error

22 Nov 2012 3:58 pm || 0

Sometimes, while you are working in SAP you struck with an error message “Screen Output without Connection to User”. Then I think some people got panic a lot soon. Am I right? Yah, I know somehow I am right. So, this is a short tutorial for those peoples so that they can read it and get a fully compatible solution for this error.                

I think first of all it’s needed to elaborate the reasons for this error. So, the valid reasons or situations for this error are given below:-


1.       This error occur when your system tried to display a list or screen and communication get broken even you made sure that the RFC server is also working or run in dialog process.

2.       If the user has insufficient authorization then one can meet with this error message “Screen Output without Connection to User”.     

3.       One can face this error if the ABAP system tries to communicate with a Kernel of Release 3.0E.

4.       When you try to execute the calling program in a dialog process.

Now, after the detection of reasons for this error message one really wants to know the solution for this. To avert this error calamity one should follow the under given solution.


1.       In such situations one must modify the functional modules called.

2.       You must use an RFC user with user type “Dialog”.

3.       One must change the function modules called so that they do not display any screen in case when ABAP system which does not have RFC with SAP GUI.

Now after applying these steps you will get rid of this error and can have a hazel free communication or process.