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How to attach a Search Help to a field.

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How to attach a Search Help to a field.

Attaching a search help to a field

A search help can influence the behavior of a field when the input help is called. The search help must be assigned to the field in order to do this. You have the following options for this assignment:

Attach search help to a data element / table or structure field / screen field / check table.

Conventionally search helps are attached to table fields or data elements. We shall see the same.

  • Choose the field name, click on search help tab and
    provide the name of the search help.

    A search help is attached to a field of a table or structure in the maintenance transaction for this table/structure, analogously to attaching to a table. You must assign the interface parameters of the search help to any fields of the table/structure. The search field must be assigned to an EXPORT parameter of the search help at this time.
  • Attach the search help to the table field
  • The search help ZSTRAVELAG_NAME is therefore directly attached to the field AGENCYNUM of table ZSTRAVELAG.

Attaching a search help to a data element

Provide the search help name and the parameter name
under the further characteristics tab of the data element.

If the input help of a field is defined by its data element, no further screen fields can be used in the input help.
Also note that the input F4 help would be available wherever the data element is used.

Attaching a search help to a screen element

A search help can be directly assigned to a screen field in two ways.
The name of the search help must be entered in the Screen Painter in the Attributes for the field in the field Search help.
The name of the search help can be defined for selection screens in ABAP reports in the PARAMETERS or SELECT-OPTIONS statement directly following the supplement MATCHCODE OBJECT.

However, input help is only available for this particular screen.

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