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How to use the send Material Prices or BAPI_MATVAL_PRICE_CHANGE

Updated Jul 08, 2019

How to use the "Send Material Prices" application (transaction or program CKML_PRICES_SEND) or one of BAPIs BAPI_MATVAL_PRICE_CHANGE, BAPI_SALESORDSTCK_PRICE_CHANGE or BAPI_PROJECTSTOCK_PRICE_CHANGE because in the menu path of the SAP reference IMG (transaction SPRO), the "Send Material Prices" application is not available .

BAPIs BAPI_MATVAL_PRICE_CHANGE, BAPI_SALESORDSTCK_PRICE_CHANGE and BAPI_PROJECTSTOCK_PRICE_CHANGE are part of the "Send Material Prices" application and if you want to use the "Send Material Prices" application in R/3 Enterprise Release 4.70, you have to activate R/3 Enterprise Extension Set EA-FIN (Financials extension) in transaction SPRO. Subsequently, the application is available in the application menu and the Customizing activity is available in the SAP Reference IMG.


If you want to use one of the BAPIs without the extension set in Release 4.70, use transaction SM30 to perform the required Customizing settings in the view VCKML_PRICE_SEND.
Note the following points for the direct use of the BAPIs:


  • The BAPIs only represent the part of the "Send Material Prices" application that runs in the target system.
  • During the direct call of BAPIs you can change prices in the local system only.
  • The BAPIs do not create any ALE documents and do not send any prices to other systems.
  • The BAPIs always interpret the Customizing settings of the "Send Material Prices" application. That is, you must enter in the Customizing view VCKML_PRICE_SEND for all plants in which you want to use the BAPIs, if price changes are permitted for the existing inventory, and for which threshold values the system is to issue a warning message or an error message.