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Service Purchase Requisition

Updated May 18, 2018

Dear experts,

I have created service purchase requisition with unknown account assignment. While trying to create
purchase order it is not accepting cost center and GL account hence purchase order is not saved.

Thanks in advance


  • 19 Jul 2013 8:24 am Sushma

    Please check to see that you have selected the same document type (Service Req. for
    Service Order) to create Service order.

    In Purchase order also you need to change the A/c assignment category to put
    cost center in PO
  • 19 Jul 2013 8:25 am Sushma

    In SPRO in Define Document Types customization is defined how PREQs can be linked to POs including item types so you can use only allowed combination of document types for both documents. When you use U acc. assignment in PREQ you have to update AA from U to account assignment you use normally eg. K, we use O for cost center.

    Which error did you get exactly?
    Hope it helps
  • 19 Jul 2013 8:25 am Sushma
    Just to add if your PREQ is Service it has item type D so your PO line has to have also item type D if your system is set that way.
  • 19 Jul 2013 10:22 am Sushma
    Attach the Cost Center or G/L in Service Requisition thru : ME52N then Convert the PR into PO there is not issue while creating a PO.

    Unless the Cost Center or G/L will not maintain in PR, system will not allow you to to maintain any A/c assignment category while creating Purchase order.

    Hence please maintain Acct' in PR then Proceed for PO
  • 19 Jul 2013 10:23 am amit butola
    In my Purchase order I gave AA as K it's not accepting to enter Cost center and GL account I got error as "Please Specify a valid account assignment".
  • 08 Aug 2013 7:33 am Sushma
    HI ,

    As you have created the service Purchase Requistion with account assignment
    as Unkown and then when you are trying to create PO ,
    here you have 2 options -

    1) You can create the Purchase order with respect to your service Purchase
    Requistion and system wont ask GL & cost centre.It will ask the same at the
    Service entry level.

    2) You can create the Purchase order with respect to your service Purchase
    Requistion and change the account assignment manually to K ,system will ask
    the cost center and GL.

    Try this ,hope it helps.

    Thanking you
  • 08 Aug 2013 7:34 am Sushma
    - Is K account assignment type normally used in your company? For instance we have custom one named O for cost center and GL entry.
    - Did you maintain account assignment data in Service / Limit tab subscreen?