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How to Set Up Multiple Ordering Addresses for a Vendor

Updated May 18, 2018

A vendor has multiple divisions with different ordering addresses.
How can we set this up without having to create a vendor code for each division?
Vendor sub-range does not seem to have an option to create ordering addresses.

The partner function - Ordering address requires to be linked to another vendor. So that would mean that each different ordering address has to first be setup as another vendor first.

If I have to create a new vendor, I may as well just use that directly in a PO.
But the requirement is: 1 vendor with multiple ordering addresses assigned to divisions.


  • 04 Oct 2013 6:43 am Sushma
    Set up a vendor type for ordering address vendors - you only need to maintain address details and purchase org level screens.

    On the main vendor (VN) partner functions, you link to the the OA vendors.

    When you raise a PO against the main vendor, you have to choose which OA partner to adopt.
  • 04 Oct 2013 6:43 am Sushma
    You can create vendor subranges in the vendor master (extras> additional purchasing data), then apply it to PIR or contracts
  • 04 Oct 2013 6:43 am Sushma
    You can use different ordering address on the screen PO creation. But problem is that , when you create a new PO every time you have to change the ordering address manually.