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Shortcut to a transaction with parameters

Updated May 18, 2018


I'm trying to create a shortcut in my SAP Logon.
The aim is to run a transaction with input parameters.
I've read a few posts on th etopic but a clear explanation and all my tests have failed.

Here is the detail of the field I populated.

Here, I take an ECC transaction for example (even if it is an APO one that I am interested in).
Let's consider SE16 for table MARC.
Screen SAP Shortcut Properties :
 => Field Title => SE16 MARC
 => Field Type => Transaction
 => Field Transaction => SE16
 => Field System Description => (Other System)
 => Field System ID => PT1
 => Field Start Parameters => name_of_my_server -command=*SE16 DATABROWSE-TABLENAME=MARC
 => Field Client => 100
 => Field User => my_user_code
 => Field Language => EN - English

Thank you for your help.

 Download attached file.

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