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Simple Example of Using ATC

In this tutorial, you will see a simple example of the ATC tool in SAP ABAP.

What is ATC?

ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) is a new tool introduced by SAP that is used to check the quality of the ABAP program. it is compatible with ABAP Code Inspector for enabling smooth code migration.

ATC is directly integrated into the ABAP workbench and  ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse and allows the users to check their codes from within the development environment.

It is available from EhP2 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 with support package stack 12.

How to use the ATC tool?

Please follow the steps below to check the ATC tool:

In SAP Easy Access navigate to the following path:

Tool > ABAP Workbench > Development > ABAP Dictionary > ABAP Editor


Next, enter the Program name and click on Display

Note: You can also create a new ABAP program.


Now in the ABAP Editor go to Program > Check > Extended Program Check.


Next click on the Run ATC relevant check - from extended program check option and make sure all the checkboxes under are checked.


Now come down to the Additional Function tab and check all the checklists.

Additioal function

Next, click the Run Check button.

run check

The screen will show you the following report.


Now go back to ABAP editor Program > Check > ABAP Test Cockpit.


You will get to the following screen.


You will see in the above report that all the issues are listed with their priorities (1 and 2 are high priorities and cant be ignored).


To get more details about any error, double-click on that error message and you will get more details about that error below:


You have successfully checked your ABAP program using ATC tool.