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Smartform Internal error

Updated Dec 19, 2019

Hi Friends,

In Smartform an internal error has occurred while transporting from DEV server to QAS server or when trying to create or change a smartform.

The following error is thrown:

Internal error (RC = 1, FORM = SFP_DESIGN_START, NR = 2)
Message no. SMARTFORMS001.

How can I resolve this error, Please everyone guide me,

Note: In the DEV server working fine.




  • 14 Mar 2018 10:58 am Sushma Best Answer

    Hi K.S.Kannan,

    The error you are facing might have been occurring because you may not be using the correct version of SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface). Because this internal error is GUI issue, therefore, you need to use the correct version of SAP GUI.

    Hope this will fix your issue.



  • 14 Nov 2008 12:58 pm Guest

    I think you have made some mistake while transporting the DEV server to QAS serve.

    Therefore please make sure that while transporting from DEV server to QAS server all object should transport properly(style). Check logo in qa server, it seems to be that problem.