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Smartform How to Use Unicode Characters

Updated May 18, 2018

I am able to print unicode characters directly from se16 using Edit->Print , either directly to printer or to PDF. I have already configured printer device ZSWINCF for unicode using SPAD and used i18n for importing .ttf, I am also using correct code pages.

In smartforms I am able to see corectly in print preview, However I failed to print them, I have checked raw data in spool, it is replaced by #. Means it has not reached printer stage correctly.


  • 31 Jul 2013 7:01 am rekha
    you can go trough this link
  • 31 Jul 2013 7:43 am rekha
    For PDF conversion of SAPscript forms and Smart Forms, this can be done by the application creating the OTF spool data and then a function moule like CONVERT_OTF being used to create the PDF data from the OTF data. In this case, it is the device type, form language key and fonts used to create the OTF data that is important.

    It is also possible to call the sapscript funtion module OPEN_FORM with parameter DEVICE=MAIL. In this case the PDF conversion is done via SAPCONNECT. It is similar if the application calls the smartform function module with the parameter CONTROL_PARAMETERS-DEVICE = 'MAIL'.
  • 02 Aug 2013 6:56 am Sushma
    You can solve this problem by passing the device(such as LP01) which has been assigned to the Unicode device type (ZSWINCF) to the exporting structure "output_options" field "tddest" when calling the Smartform function module.