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Smartforms: Protect lines in Main Window

Updated May 18, 2018

How to protect lines in the main window from splitting between pages? 

It was easy with SAPscript, but how to do it with SF's. For 4.7 version if you are using tables, there are two options for protection against line break:

- You can protect a line type against page break.
- You can protect several table lines against page break for output in the main area.

Protection against page break for line types

- Double-click on your table node and choose the Table tab page.
- Switch to the detail view by choosing the Details pushbutton.
- Set the Protection against page break checkbox in the table for the relevant line type. Table lines that use this line type are output on one page.

Protection against page break for several table lines

- Expand the main area of your table node in the navigation tree.
- Insert a file node for the table lines to be protected in the main area.
- If you have already created table lines in the main area, you can put the lines that you want to protect again page break under the file using Drag&Drop. Otherwise, create the table lines as subnodes of the file.
- Choose the Output Options tab page of the file node and set the Page Protection option. All table lines that are in the file with the Page Protection option set are output on one page.

In 4.6, Alternatively in a paragraph format use the Page protection attribute to determine whether or not to display a paragraph completely on one page. Mark it if you want to avoid that a paragraph is split up by a page break. If on the current page (only in the main window) there is not enough space left for the paragraph, the entire paragraph appears on the next page.