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How to Configure SSO between ECC and Portal?

Hi guys,

I'm configuring SSO between ECC and Portal, ECC is on ERP 6 EHP6 while Portal on NW 7 EHP3. This is what i'v done so far:

1) From Portal, System Configuration - Key Store Administration, i downloaded the verify.der file

2) In ECC, tcode STRUSTSS02, i imported the certificate, add to certificate list, add to ACL, then from PSE, i right-clicked and selected 'distribute'

3) What do i do from here now to make the SSO work? It's not clear. Should I create a system under Portal Content and check the system connection tests? Should I go to http://<portal.domain.>:50000/sld and create a technical system? then add trusted system under http://<portal.domain.>:50000/sso2?

Actually when i attempted to create a system using template in Portal (SAP system using dedicated application server) , i'm getting this error:
23:07:26 - Object was not created. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator.

So i'm unable to proceed with the SSO configuration? Is there some other way to continue or how to correct this error?




  • 04 May 2013 2:52 pm Guest Best Answer
    Please fallow the steps to check and Create system:-
    From portal--> System Administration-->System Configuration-->System Landscape
    Portal Content-->New-->System-->SAP system usisng dedicated application server-->create
    In Preopety Category-->Connector--> Application Host(back end system IP), Logical System name,sap client ,servr port(3200) for back end system and give the Logon method, web as host, web as path: /sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/ and finaly give system alias name.
    To Check : … -->System Application -->SAP Transition
    Singampalli Goda Krishna