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Steps of FI-MM Integration

Updated May 18, 2018

FI-MM Integration

Process Flow in MM

Step 1 Generating purchase requisition( PP-MM involved)

Step 2 Making inquiries (MM)

Step 3 Raising purchase order (MM)

Step 4 Release of purchase order ( MM)

Step 5 Goods received from vendor ( MM and FI )
Entry will be 
Raw Material Inventory a/c Dr.
GR/IR clearing a/c Cr.

Step 6 Invoice verification and quality assurance (FI and MM) 
Entry will be 
GR/IR clearing a/c Dr
Vendor a/c Cr

Step 7 Goods issued for consumption(MM, FI and PP)
Entry will be 
Raw material consumption a/c Dr
Raw material inventory account Cr

Step 8 Production receipt( FI, MM & PP) 
Entry will be
Finished goods inventory a/c Dr
Change in stock Cr

Step 9 Finished goods delivered to customer(MM, SD & FI) 
Entry will be
Change in stock Dr
Finished goods inventory a/c Cr

Step 10 Raising invoice on customers( SD & FI) 
Customers a/c Dr
Sales a/c Cr

Step 11 Receipt of payment from customers( Same as SD-FI integration)


Main screen of FI-MM integration is OBYC
Here we have to link the MM movement types to FI G/L accounts

Assign Following G/L accounts to movement type according to valuation class.
BSX- Raw material Inventory account
GBB- Raw material consumption account 
WRX- GR/IR clearing account


  • 21 Sep 2011 3:29 pm Arunakumar Gudla
    Hello Rekha..

    It is very helpful info. thank u for share.

    small clarification.. Is it any accounting entry before good received(step5) and after purchase order released(Step4)???

    I have been faced the same in several technical discussions...

    I look forward to your reply..

    Thank you.
  • 16 Apr 2012 9:50 am Anilkumar.vangaveeti
    it is very use ful info.thank u for

    i want clarification for below
    BSX---------for Raw material Inventory a/c
    GBB---------for Raw material consumption a/c
    WRX---------for GR/IR Clearing A/c

    and what about Remainting Material Type which to take