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Steps to Troubleshoot Oracle Connectivity

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Steps to Troubleshoot Oracle Connectivity

To troubleshoot & diagnose Oracle connectivity problems, follow this checklist:

  • Check with "ping" using the IP address ("ping"
  • Check with "ping" using DNS name (e.g. "tnsping uranus")
  • Try telnet to the IP on port 1521 (telnet 1521)
  • Check with "tnsping" using TNS service name
  • Invoke SQL*Plus from the OS command line "sqlplus fred@flintstone". If this fails, check to ensure that your listener is the flintstone service defined.
  • Sign-on to SQL*Plus and connect with the TNS name ("connect fred/flintstome@service_name" )
  • Within SQL*Plus, try a select from table@remote_db_lin


  • 22 Nov 2017 4:34 pm

    Instead of dblink please create a new schema with restricted privilege. Dblink will be slow compared to schema. But outside privillage to you can used DB Link

  • 22 Nov 2017 4:34 pm

    In order to connective issue you can create DB Link of Specific User on Object.

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