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MMBE Tcode in Stock Overview

Updated May 18, 2018


T.Code MMBE is used to check the availablity of stocks at plant level and it also check stock availability of a particular batch at plant. In other words If you want to check for stock of a material at a particular storage location use tcode MMBE. Available stock quantity  to be consider is  "Unrestricted Use +blocked +Stock In Transit + Quality inspection ( which will be added to unrestricted stocks after QM)

Improve performace in Stock Overview

If you experience poor response time when running MMBE you should consider the following:

At first make sure you are only using the entries which are necessarily required.

Then check your select options. Enter a value of batches or even do not display them. Please bear in mind that a great amount of batches leads to poor performance, too, as it takes long to create the basic list. To display the batches one line for every single batch has to be created.

Consider the possibility of reorganising obsolete batches by archiving them via transaction SARA as well.

If you have set the flag "Also select stock commitments" (KZLON) as selection criteria remove it and you will recognize a dramatic improvement in response time for all materials. The 'Also select stock commitments' field searches for related reservations, purchase orders, stock transports for the material entered on the selection screen. Therefore, tables EKPO, EKBE, and EKBZ are hit a lot of times each. This is causing the long response time for some materials with many outstanding orders, reservations, etc... Also note that the result of the stock balance does not differ between the selections, so you will see a consistent and accurate inventory using either selection. By deselecting the 'Also select stock commitments' field, the above tables are never hit during program execution.

T-Code Description Functional Area
MMBE   Stock Overview Logistics   Material Master
MMBE_OLD   Stock Overview Logistics   Material Master
MB52   List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand MM   Inventory Management
MB5L   List of Stock Values: Balances MM   Inventory Management
MB5T   Stock in transit CC MM   Inventory Management
CO06   Backorder Processing SD   Availability Check
MBBS   Display valuated special stock MM   Inventory Management
LX03   Bin Status Report Logistics Execution   Warehouse Management
MB53   Display Plant Stock Availability MM   Inventory Management
MB24   Reservation List MM   Inventory Management
RWBE   Stock Overview Logistics   Material Master
VL21   Post goods issue in background Logistics Execution   Shipping
OMBG   Set Stock Balance Display MM   Inventory Management