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MS word editor Freezes in Smartforms

rekha || 12 Aug 2015 5:34 pm || 2


My text editor in smartforms or sapscripts has this problem. i do not want to use the tabular form but i need to work with the ms word editor. when this occur the application freezes. how can i solve it ?

Failed solutions already.

1. allow all macro in ms word
2. Goto -> Change Editor
3. t-code I18N

Any assistance will be appreicated.


  • 12 Aug 2015 6:10 pm Helpful Answer

    On the first screen where you put in the smart form name - did you check the Settings under Utilites ? -- Application freezes means I think there could be an issue with your MS word also .. Check if there is an OSS note for this.
    SHOW HELP Button.. What does that show ? -- Also go to MS Word on your Computer outside of SAP and try to enable macros and see

  • 12 Aug 2015 6:11 pm

    Check out this link for help