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10 ABAP Skills you must know to be a Functional Consultant

Updated May 19, 2018

ABAP refers to the programming language (4GL application- specific programming language), so it requires a robust command over SAP SD. Skills and thorough knowledge on ABAP will surely add power to your Career in SAP.


A functional consultant should be well versed with data upload technique in the SAP system as the functional consultants will be required to upload huge amount of data in the SAP system.

ABAP Skills


In normal operations, when desired results are not produced then it is very critical to know the root cause of such consequence. And this tool will help you to find out the missing link and a flawless production could be done.


Smartforms are present wherever a print output is located. It might happen that the facility face a number of problems relating to printouts of invoices, printouts of purchase orders. So a robust knowledge and adequate skills on Print Program, Layout Set & Function Module will help to resolve the problems fast and thus proper accuracy and efficiency rate could be maintained.

SAP Notes

SAP Notes are the notes which are provided by SAP. These notes are used in the correction procedure of codes. The errors from the SAP System also could be removed with instructions from the SAP note, hence not only theoretical knowledge on the same is sufficient but also practical knowledge is very much required. The transaction code is SNOTE.

SAP Query

Whenever it is required to create a small report by a single table or multiple tables, then it becomes easier for client satisfaction. So a knowledge on this is also required and this is possible by the ABAP knowledge.


The input data are called Variants. These are first filled in the screen which is initially dealt with and then the whole things are saved. These are done so that at runtime, selection of the variant is made and as a result the whole selection screen is filled up with the required values.

SAP table knowledge.

The first important skill a functional consultant should possess is solid knowledge in SAP table. It is clear that data is stored in the SAP system with table format. Tabular knowledge helps tracking errors and operations on data retrieval.

EDI & Interface

Whenever a SAP system establishes communication with other non SAP systems or SAP systems, then takes place the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). So thorough knowledge in Electronic Transfer of Data AND/OR interface technologies viz. ALE and I-Doc is imperative.

Preparation on Functional specification

At times the clients will have some requirements such that the same cannot be fulfilled with the standard configuration of SAP, in this scenario there is a need for the Functional Consultants who can go for Z development.

Z T-Codes Creation

As per client requirement, for any transactions or operations, within the SAP system. I have given my best to enlist here some of the ABAP skills those are required for a Functional Consultant and hereby I am making sure that a reader will indeed yield a brief idea on the arena.

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