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SE01 Transport Organizer (Extended)

Correction and Transport System (SE01) is the main screen of the Change and transport Organizer. Transaction SE01 is used by the administrator to do all tasks related to transport requests - such as create, change, view logs, display client/delivery transports, etc. However, not all developers might be granted access to this transaction SE01.

Transaction SE01 is accessed by selecting:
Tools -> ABAP/4 Workbench -> Environment -> Maintenance -> Corrections

After you created a transport request and get a transport request number, you have to release that TR number to people in BASIS support so they can release your transport request and make it available in other client 610, 620, 630 or 800 (Production). This task is done by using Tcode SE01.

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Click the Transports Tab, and check the request status for Modifiable (this option to list all the transport request number that have not been released yet)

Click Display button. You will see the display screen like below. You will see all the transport request you created earlier, you can create a transport request using SE80

To release a transport request, you just click the transport request and click on the release directly button or F9.

In this example I will click D01K955460 and press F9. After that you will see screen like below that informed you about the Transport request status.

After that you can execute tcode SE01 again and change the status request from Modifiable to Released to show you all the TR that have been released.

Click on Display button. Now you can see that TR D01K955460 has been released.

So what you usually do right now is to inform SAP BASIS people to transport this TR Number to QA Client.