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Use of Transaction SE09

Updated May 18, 2018

Transaction  SE09: The Workbench Organizer  in the ABAP/4 Workbench is used for organizing software development projects. It is designed to support both large and small, as well as central and local development projects.

Transaction SE09 can be accessed by selecting:

Tools -> ABAP/4 Workbench -> Overview -> Workbench Organizer

The Workbench Organizer allows the developers to track changes to all ABAP workbench objects like dictionary, reports, module pools, etc. This is a developer-specific transaction and mostly all developers have access to this transaction.  All development objects that are modified, are entered in change requests. They are then reserved for the exclusive use of these change requests and are locked against maintenance or development work by other users until the request is released. Other users can only display the objects.

When a change request is released, a version of the object is automatically created enabling comparison and retrieval of previous versions.

If development activities are not carried out in the production system but in one or more development or test systems, transporting the changed objects is started with the release of a change request to the subsequent SAP System.

The Workbench Organizer is accessed via a hierarchical list that displays all the change requests that can be used. The requests shown can be expanded to access several levels of detail up to the object list.

In short Transaction SE09 is used to track all the development changes in ABAP Workbench object.