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Transaction Variants and Screen Variants

Transaction Variants vs. Screen Variants

What you can do with a transaction variant?

  • Insert default values into fields
  • Change the ready for input status for fields
  • Hide various screen elements, menu functions or entire screens
  • Adjust table control settings

Note: Transaction variants can only be used with dialog transactions.

How to create a transaction variants?

Transaction variants are created with transaction: SHD0

  • In the field Transaction on SHD0 enter the transaction code for the screen you want tpo modify (E.g. VA03)
  • In the field Variant on SHD0 enter the name you want to give the transaction variant (E.g. ZVA03)

Press Create

Now the screen for the transaction is shown and you can enter default values in the fields of the screen

Press Enter. Now a screen that enables you to make further customizing (Hide, Output only, Invisible, Mandatory) if the screen fields is shown.

After you have finished customizing the screen press Enter to go to the next screen or save and exit to save the Transaction variant

To run the transaction variant, you must create a new Transaction code in SE93 that refers to the Transaction variant. Choose Transaction with variant as Start object.

Note: The transaction variant can also be called from a program that includes a call to function module RS_HDSYS_CALL_TC_VARIANT

How to create a Screen variants?

To create a screen variant, use transaction SHD0. Use menu Goto -> Screen variants

The process to create a screen variant is similar to creating a Transaction variant. The difference between the two types is that a Transaction variant covers the whole transaction and therefore can have more than 1 screen, while a screen variant only can have 1 screen.


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