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Transfer table content data from development to quality and to production

Updated May 18, 2018

Hi Experts ,

I want to transfer the Table content data from Development to Quality and to Production .

I created table mainantance genaratior to that table . For Exp: Table name : ZMat_comp.

Plz do need full ..

Thanks and regards


  • 20 Oct 2008 5:55 am Guest Helpful Answer
    Transporting table entries from one server to another

    1. Goto the table whose entries need to be transported.
    2. Goto SE10. Click on create
    3. Select work-bench request ( If the table is customizing table, then select customising request).
    4. Provide a short description to the request.
    5. Double-click on the request
    6. Goto change mode and enter the details.
    7. Click on the key button available under the name "Function".
    8. Here we can provide the entries that we would need to transport
    9. Press "enter".
    10. The entries that would be transported as per the given condition can be checked .
    11.Click on save. A warning message would appear which need to be ignored.
    12. Ignore the warning message.
    13. This request can be transported to transport the data to another system.